Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's Hear it for the "Little People"

Fisher Price first introduced the Little People Play Family in 1960 and since then there have been 6 major body style changes. In the beginning they were small wooden cylinders with only minor differences between male and females. In 1968 Fisher Price began making the figures out of plastic and they also created the first playset, which was a barn.
This style of Little People lasted the longest, until in 1991 Fisher Price once again redesigned them making them chunkier and more colorful because of pressures from consumer advocacy groups for safer toy designs.

The Little People on the market today were created in 1997 and are smaller in height but larger around than the "chunky" people. In 2000 Little People were brought to life on DVD and the people were given names (Eddie, Sarah Lynn, Maggie, Michael and Sonya Lee) and personalities.
The lesson... if you have Little People hang on to them, one day your grandchildren will probably play with them!


  1. Awesome post! I remember playing with both the 1960's models and the plastic 1968 models at Nonna's. I had no idea that they evolved so much since then! Thanks Valerie! p.s. are the older ones collectible/valuable?

  2. I still have that barn playset! I love it ... when you open the barn doors you hear a "MOOOOOO!". Still works! Thanks for this post. :0)

  3. Your welcome, Katie!
    Eva: When I was researching them I saw one website that said the orginal station wagon from the early 60's is worth $600 now! It's crazy! They are considered vintage toys. Maybe you could find some and sell them on Etsy!

  4. Hey, Yeah! I'll keep my eyes peeled!